Why Participate

Students and Universities can expect serious exposure to an expansive, engaged audience of over 20,000 dealers, gallerists, curators, and collectors. Scheduled to coincide with NYC’s Contemporary Auction Week in mid-November, The MFA Fair will grant MFA students exposure to the most prominent figures in the art business.

Exhibiting students will have the opportunity to gain relevant insight through the MFA Fair’s extensive programming schedule of educational talks, presentations, and lectures featuring art world experts, all tailored to the specific needs of the MFA graduate.

The MFA Fair provides recent graduates with genuine experience in the leading market format for contemporary artists: the fine art fair.

The MFA Fair grants all exhibiting students access to the fair’s innovative online counterpart - The MFA Network. As a dynamic online catalog of artwork shown at The MFA Fair, students and faculty can use the network to interact with dealers, curators, and collectors.

The MFA Fair provides maximum industry exposure with budgets that work for the university. Existing spends on production and marketing will manifest significantly increased returns on investment - with 20,000 attendees, extraordinary media visibility, expanded learning and networking student opportunities, and museum quality production values.

With nationwide exposure and advertising - directly highlighting and promoting all participating universities - The MFA Fair will be an optimal student recruitment opportunity.